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Bearded Men, the Simulation

What is this game?

A fantasy realm is being simulated. Something like a town with some territories around it. You represent a higher being, a king or maybe a god, and your task is to indirectly control your kingdom by placing orders. Your people will try and fulfill your orders to their limits, hopefully in hilarious ways, with some fatalities maybe.

Placing bounties (if i decide to go with the king idea, but that is less funny), giving orders, doing divine things, blessing or cursing heroes/enemies etc.


Goal Oriented Action Planning AI (a POC is implemented with the previous Bearded Men project. Some tweaks are planned to not always choose most optimal ways (based on character's intellect).


Randomly generated 3D or voxel 3D. Some basic mountains and caves.

Large city in the middle where you begin, and maybe a few hamlets around it.

One idea was to have a MMORPG world, where you do not control the players.


Mobile-friendly, touch-friendly, mouse-friendly, keyboard not-so-friendly but with mouse — friendly too. Context-dependent UI hints everywhere.